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Visit® - Tools for Strategic Decisions

Visit® is a full service for collecting and analysing information about visitor amounts and behavior.

Visit® Service is a combination of hardware, data delivery, patented quality assurance, helpdesk and data reporting and analysing tools.

Only reliable and accurate data leads to successful strategic decisions! Visit® Integrity is our Patented Quality Assurance Chain. We use this process to minimise risks of data loss or inaccuracy.

Visit® in your industry

Shopping centers - Up with property value? - Shopping centers aim to provide buyer potential for their tenants. Tenants need relevant traffic. How can shopping centers deliver their proposal, and prove it?

Retail chains - What is conversion really? - Today's standard is to measure visitors with quality equipment. However purchase rate or conversion is still a subject of heated debate. And what in the world is a conversion unit?

Event Marketing - Trade fairs, campaigns - Let's build an event marketing campaign. Engage by-passers. Measure success. How?

Public sector - Museums, Libraries - How do we know which areas attract the most interest? How about which events are the most successful ones?



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